The shareholders' newsletter #66 - Summer 2021

Event : Looking back on the Shareholders' Meeting


TotalEnergies’ ambition for sustainable development and the energy transition supported by its shareholders

Energy is fundamental to human life and enables progress. Energy is central to human activities: cooking, heating, lighting or getting around. So, supplying energy means contributing to the economic and social development, as well as the well-being of all people on the planet. 

The Board presented a resolution for an advisory vote on the Company's ambition for sustainable development and energy transition to carbon neutrality and its related objectives defined for 2030. This strategic direction, supported by 91.9% of the shareholders, represents a pledge by TotalEnergies to take action. 

Rising to the dual challenge of meeting the energy needs of a growing world population while limiting global warming, reinventing energy production and consumption in order to get to Net Zero by 2050, together with society: those challenges underlie the raison d’être of TotalEnergies which is to provide more affordable, more reliable and cleaner energy to as many people as possible.

TotalEnergies’ ambition is to be one of the major players of the energy transition, which means notably:

  • Investing profitably so as to become one of the top five world producers of renewable electricity (wind and solar).
  • Deploying across the entire electricity value chain, from production to the end user, through storage and trading.
  • Having a responsible approach to fossil energies: focusing on value by selecting
    low-cost developments that are the most efficient in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, producing more green gases (biogas, etc.) and green fuels (biofuels, etc.).
  • Being one of the top 3 companies worldwide in low carbon LNG.
  • Being a reference in the decarbonization of gas and oil chains.
  • Becoming a leader in the mass production of clean hydrogen.
  • Being our customers’ partner for carbon neutrality.
  • Being as recognized by customers in tomorrow’s electrical mobility market as in today’s fuel market.
  • Promoting circular economy in the use of biomass and plastics.
  • Developing carbon storage.
  • Being a recognized leader in sustainable development.

TotalEnergies puts sustainable development at the heart of its strategy and its projects and operations, and wants to be a leading name in terms of commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals. 
To achieve its ambition of carbon neutrality (net zero emissions) by 2050, from production to the use of energy products sold to its customers (scope 1+2+3), together with society, TotalEnergies acts on three main axes and commits to targets for 2030:

2030 vs. 2015 targets


Get to net zero for worldwide operated activities by 
2050 or sooner (Scope 1+2)

Emissions from our operated 
Oil & Gas facilities



Get to net zero worldwide for our indirect emissions (1) 
by 2050 or sooner (Scope 3)

Worldwide Scope 3 emissions              2030 < 2015

 Carbon intensity(2) Scope 1+2+3                         -20%


Get to net zero for activities in Europe by 2050 
or sooner (Scope 1+2+3)

Indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions


(1) related to the use by our customers of energy products sold for end use 
(2) average energy products used by our customers

Each year, TotalEnergies will inform shareholders at the Shareholders’ Meeting of the progress made.

To access the replay of the Shareholders’ Meeting, go to > investors > Annual Shareholders’ meetings.